EOS ZOO is the ultimate online community for "social animals" of every kind. Our EOS websites are the perfect place to view what you do, share what you love, and find friends just like you.


See and Be Seen
As videos have become the primary way we watch events and share our lives with others, they have taken our ability to socialize to a whole new realm, allowing us to visually interact with people around the globe. We are building a network, therefore, that not only allows you to watch videos, but to socialize via them. Then we went a step further, creating a broad, super cool video-based social network that allows you to specifically view what you do or whatever your into.


Share Your World
Online social networks have become the perfect way to interact with your friends, keep in touch with family, meet new people and follow events all over the world, making communication that was once impossible now commonplace. Just as technology is constantly evolving, our websites are the future of social networks. We take the features you love and make them better by transforming the way you socialize online. We aren't just another social network - we're the ultimate online community.


Promotions and Prizes
We believe that "average users" are anything but average. As it is the content you share (your videos, opinions, comments, etc.) that makes websites truly extraordinary, we believe you deserve the opportunity to earn something extraordinary in return. So whether you are simply surfing one of our sites or uploading a video that goes viral, you can earn rewards and recognition for you and your organization. It's a win win!