It's what you do.

Welcome to the Evolution of Sharing

In a world that's increasingly mobile and global, information has become virtually limitless, making it difficult to find what your looking for or keep up with multiple social sites. So we decided to take sharing in a whole new direction. Rather than one billion size "anything and everything" website, we have created a NETWORK of individual websites devoted to specific interests, hobbies, and professions. This ensures that sharing is streamlined and the content is always relevant to what interests you. So say goodbye to "TMI" and hello to EOS, the Evolution of Sharing - we hope you Enjoy Our Sites!

Our Concept

Social isn't just who you know - it's what you DO

Sharing that's specific to what interests you!

People are naturally drawn to others who share their interests, hence the proverb "birds of a feather flock together". While many sites enable you to keep up with the people you know, we've created a network where you can focus instead on what you love to do and connect with people with the same interests. Almost everyone has something they are passionate about, so EOS ZOO is quite literally, for the social animal in you.

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What Is EOS?

EOS is short for videos.  FITEOS, for example, means “fitness videos”, CHEEREOS cheereleading videos, FISHEOS fishing videos and so on.  It is also our acronym for the Evolution of Sharing – by creating a NETWORK of interest-specific sites, we’re redefining the way information is shared online.

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Share What MATTERS

Sharing is as natural as breathing – it’s part of our nature.  However, so many people sharing so much so often is essentially “too much of a good thing”.  Our sites are designed to eliminate “information overload” by creating communities of streamlined, RELEVANT content for people with mutual interests.


Privacy IS Important

Many sites would have you believe that privacy doesn’t matter.  We believe that it is VERY important, which is why we don’t ask for things like your phone number or address.  Our rule of thumb – if it’s information you wouldn’t give to a stranger in the “real” world, then you shouldn’t have to share it online.

For the Social Animal in You

What You Can Do On EOS Sites


your interest-specific videos and photos


content specific to what interests you


With people who share your interests


for cool new products that interest you


amazing causes, charities, and organizations


your passions, interests, hobbies, and professions


relevant information and answers to your questions

Our Network

  • You are what you share.

    — Charles Leadbeater —
  • Man is by nature a social animal.

    — Artistotle —
  • Social media should improve your life, not become your life.

    — Patrick Driessen —
  • Observing and commenting, it is a piece of cake. Experiencing and sharing, that is a piece of work.

    — Toba Beta —
  • When I was a kid my social network was called 'outside'.

    — Anonymous —
  • Focus on how to be social, not how to do social.

    — Jay Baer —


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